Final OOC About Leaving Or Not:


Well I guess this is pretty obviously about my leaving or not, I’ve decided. This is my last post, I’m leaving this account. As much as I love this character and the people I RP with I no longer find myself relating with this character or wishing to expand upon her story. I think I’ve out grown her, and it’s time for me to stop trying to write her story. So I guess this is it for Liz, 


It was lovely talking and RPing with you guys, I’ll be on a few moments more, notifying the group and tying up some loose ends on the account, message me if you want to stay in touch or anything on another account. It’s been fun. Make your stories good ones. Whelp, I guess all that’s left for this story is,







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Day 12: Your favorite Villian: Gaston (Beauty and the Beast)

Were you in love with her, Beast? Did you honestly think she’d want you when she had someone like me?

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Reblog If You’re A RP That Doesn’t Mind Getting Tagged For Starters

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Hello everybody, miss me? Of course you did. Well all you need to do is blame the mun, the woman thought ‘work’ was an acceptable excuse to be inactive! Women, what are you going to do? Any way form a neat and orderly line and we’ll talk.

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Five days later Gaston found himself at Belle’s door, he had been hunting with his father when he was suddenly left behind. He’d been doing fine until he’d had a run in with a brown bear, it had…

Gaston did as he was told, ”I can’t go home like this Belle!” He lifted his head to look at her. If he went home he’d be dead, his father would finish the bear’s work.

"What? Why? Is your father that much of a hardass?" Belle never swore, but she could think of no other word to use. It seemed like it was all Gaston’s father’s fault that they were drifting apart. “That he wouldn’t accept you if you got hurt dealing with a grizzly?"

Gaston let out a huff, “Didn’t think you knew that word Belle. Leave my father out of this.” He deadpanned, not wishing to continue that particular conversation any further.

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Looks and Drinks │ Ruby and Jack [Cursed!Verse]




“You would hate to be them. You would especially hate to be them if you crossed over any lines of mine,” she smiled with a slight cruel twist to her lips. She was being partially lighthearted, but she would not put up with any bull crap. From no one.

“Ah. You’re too much, Jack,” she laughed before throwing her head back to finish up the amber colored beer in her glass. “Do you always lavish all ladies with flattery that spills over your perfect lips? And casting blue eyed gazes towards them as well? Or am I just a lucky one?” Ruby curled a section of red hair around a finger playfully while slowly licking her upper lip in an almost seductive way.

Ruby pursed her lips into a casual shape, listening to Jack speak of himself. She was expecting much more about him. “That’s all. Don’t mind my saying but that sounds a bit on the dull side. Don’t you,” she paused, leaning forward to better lock her gaze with his, “live it up at all? Indulge in other activities besides traipsing around in the woods all day?” Ruby questioned in a soft voice.

“I’ll have to remember that.” He doubted anything would be that bad, she was just a small woman after all. “Only the truly note worthy ones, and here there aren’t many.” Jack spoke honestly. 

He leaned closer and smirked, “I’ve got my own bar and a bike out back if that’s what you’re asking.” There wasn’t much he needed, if he wanted to party he had someone take over for him, he had a room full of people and more importantly women almost 24/7 and bike to get the hell out of there whenever he wanted. 

“My own party all the time and a way to get out. All I need.” He gave a small shrug.

Ruby twisted the empty glass between her palms, smiling more genuinely towards Jack. It felt like ages since she last spoke to someone worthy of her time, so far.

Her lips quirked into a fresh grin, greatly liking him leaning in closer as well. The view of his strikingly handsome face was even better observed now. Light green eyes lit up at what he had said. “I see the bar, of course. Why not show me your ride?” Believe it or not, Ruby enjoyed seeing and taking a closer look into vehicles of all sorts. It was probably Billy who let his love of mechanics rub off on her. But Billy was more of a friend than anything. “I have my own Stingray Corvette. It’s either a sixty-seven or sixty-three,” she shrugged, but smiled widely. “One of my prized possessions.”

Sliding off the bar stool, Ruby snatched up her black leather bag and laid down a twenty dollar bill. “Keep the change. Consider the rest of the money for the good company and for the mini-tour of your bike,” she smirked, tossing a section of brunette hair over her shoulder.

"Nah, can’t take it." He handed her the money back, "I did throw a rag at you after all." Looking over his shoulder he called, "Fool! Watch the bar, I’ll be back later!" 

He grabbed his jacket before motioning her to follow him out the back, coming out from behind the bar he easily pushed through the crowd, Ruby in tow. A few people called out to him, and he nodded or grinned in their direction. It was usual or him. 

Once outside he motion to a red Yamaha parked by a street lamp. “Eight six Yamaha Virago. Got her a few years back, haven’t been able to let her go for a new one.” He shrugged, he’d never had the time to get out of Storybrooke for a new one and didn’t really want one.

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Leave a “HEY” in my ask box

and i’ll put my ipod on shuffle and tell you your life soundtrack.

Opening Credits: 
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Falling In Love: 
Fight Song: 
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Birth of Child:
Final Battle:
Death Scene: 
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"Hello? Is that handsome hunter around?" Mim called in a soft ,fair voice.

”Well it’s a bit of an understatement bit I suppose you mean me.” He smiled.

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